Books by Martin Hawes

Family Trusts – A Guide

(Shoal bay Press 1995) What are family trusts? How do they work? How do I set one up and when? How do you fortify it against attack? A family trust offers you the benefits, use and control of your assets and doesn't penalise you for owning them. Martin Hawes's definitive guide has been completely revised and updated, and brings together everything you need to know about family trusts. Clear and straightforward, and aimed at the layperson, Family Trusts includes up-to-date advice, with real-life examples and answers to commonly asked questions throughout. This is an essential handbook for anyone curious about family trusts who is self-employed, a business owner, a wage and salary earner, or retired.

Property Investment: A Strategy for Success

(Shoal bay Press 1996) ‘The slump may be feared by many people, but the smart investor will welcome it for the opportunities it presents. Money is made in property according to what and how well you buy, and it is a slump that will let you buy well.’ According to Martin Hawes, to be successful in property you must buy, manage and sell property on the basis of analysis rather than instinct or sentiment. The secret is to have a strategy to identify the best properties so that your investments perform both in good times and in bad.

Save Money on Your Mortgage

(Penguin 1998) Buying a house is still the most expensive purchase most of us will ever make and if you are not smart you will spend the rest of your life paying it off - giving the bank a staggering profit in the process. With interest rates on the rise again, it is even more important to make sure that you negotiate the very best mortgage terms. You can actually put thosands of dollars back into your own bank account with a few clever strategies. Best-selling finance author Martin Hawes has some hard-hitting advice for beating the bank at their own game, revealing exactly how you can slash incredible sums of money from your mortgage repayments. Save Money on Your Mortgage is an absolute must-have for every home owner.

Eight Secrets of Investment Success

(Penguin 2000) The difference between investing successfully and unsuccessfully is huge. Why do some investors succeed while others fail? The answer is knowledge. Knowledge takes the chance out of investing. It is being aware of the big picture, of what drives investment markets. Knowledge will see you maximise the returns from your investments.

Shares – 7 Secrets of making money on the Sharemarket

(Penguin 2010) The fact that we can now trade offshore has changed the way people play the market. Add this to buying and selling on-line and the volatile technology market and you have an exciting new environment for making money from shares. In this text Martin Hawes explains how to do just that.

Financial Secrets: The Guide to Everyday Finances

( Shoal Bay Press 2002) REVISED AND UPDATED to include valuable information on KiwiSaver and Student Loans. This is the one-stop reference book for every New Zealand household. Whether you have a little or a lot, it makes sense to manage your money as effectively as possible; to put in place and action a plan which covers everything from drawing up an everyday budget to making provision for your future.

Twenty Good Summers

(Allen and Unwin 2006) Learn how to:
  • plan the life you want
  • maximise your financial potential in your earning years
  • recognise when the time is right to make the break and
  • reorganise your finances to sustain your new lifestyle.

"Letters to Aston - lessons learned from a lifetime of investment"

Is a series of letters on investment to his grandson Aston. (Penguin 2009)

The Money Map

(Penguin 2011) - Money is important to all of us - it's inextricably linked with life because it pays for the things we want to do. The better we manage our money, the more choices and opportunities are available to us. By taking charge, deciding where we want to be in 5, 10 or 20 years' time and using the right map to get there, the odds are that we will achieve our goals. In mapping out our money we map out our future. With The Money Map, wealth coach and investment expert Martin Hawes shows you how to create a financial plan – looking at savings, investments, banking, insurances, budgeting, real estate, student loans, and more – that will make the most of what you have, regardless of your age and financial stage. Use the money map to guide you into a future you always dreamed of. Purchase book

Investment Guide: 7 Timeless Rules for Success

This book will spell out the main principles of investment which are for all time and all times. It doesn't matter what country you live in, or what tax rules you follow, the fundamental principles of investment remain the same. People who are investing (nearly everyone, whether they realise it or not) ignore any of these principles at their peril. Yet, depending on economic times and individual circumstances, they are frequently ignored.