Questions by Martin Hawes

So what do you do now you've sold the business?

The chances are you have worked hard for a big part of your adult life to build a business or to farm successfully. Selling it (business or farm) is the payoff – now you have the freedom to do the things that you have always wanted. Change may be difficult and starting to invest in things that you do not know much about certainly will be. You may continue to work in some capacity or you may start to define and describe yourself as an investor – with the sale of the business you ought to have the ability to choose the life that you want.

Comprehensive Wealth Plan

Our classic service, opted for by most people, gives you direction for your future and ensures that all aspects of your finances are on the right track . The main purpose is that you will have a clear path forward, a goal for the future and a plan for achieving that goal. This involves an initial meeting with Martin (likely to take 3-4 hours), a written plan and at least three months help with the execution of the plan as required. This further help does not incur any additional charge and is usually done by way of meetings, or by phone or email. The initial meeting can be undertaken either at your place or you can visit Martin in Queenstown. Price $6700 +GST

Here is how it works:

Martin will visit you at your home (or you can come to Queenstown if you prefer). We will spend 2-3 hours looking at where you are at now, where you want to be at some point in the future and agreeing a plan to bridge the gap. As a part of this, Martin will consider and advise on all the main financial issues as appropriate: your goals, tax, investments, debt reduction, budgeting, insurances and wills.

Following this meeting, Martin will write a report which sets out the things discussed and actions you should take.

Martin is available for at least 3 months to help with further advice and execution of the plan as required. Although this further advice is contracted for 3 months, provided no major issues have arisen, Martin continues to support and give advice for a year. A year after the first meeting, Martin will write suggesting an annual check-up which may be done at another meeting or by phone.