Sunday Star Times Articles:

Procrastination’s naked truth

Victor Hugo wrote naked – and in doing so he had a good way to avoid procrastination and get himself working. Apparently when the 19th Century French writer had a piece of writing to do, he would have his valet hide his clothes and not give them back until he had finish read more

Why are those earning over $100k struggling?

A report last week showed just under 10 per cent of people earning over $100,000 per annum are finding it difficult to live on their income. A piece on Stuff quoted several financial advisers and psychologists, none of whom expressed surprise that the figure was so high read more

Irish eyes giving Brexit a smile

For the Irish, Brexit is both a threat and an opportunity. The threat is that a major downturn in the UK would badly affect Ireland: the UK is Ireland’s biggest trading partner and if Brexit caused major damage to the UK economy, Ireland would take a hit. But Brex read more

Europe copes with background economic risks

It is a shock to see soldiers toting sub-machine guns through the Arrivals Hall at Amsterdam airport. In some ways, you can think of the machine guns as a comfort: it is nice to know there is protection. But these soldiers also serve a sharp reminder that all is not wel read more

January is a motivating month

In January, there must have been at least a dozen articles about New Year resolutions in the various media. You are forgiven if you think you have seen it all before and simply flicked on to another page with a feeling of “same old, same old”. And yet, I dou read more

Compounding interest can pay dividends for kids

Many parents and grandparents like the idea of using the power of compound interest for the children. After all, children really do have the time to make compound interest work. It may be a lump sum perhaps on birth, or regular contributions, but after 20 years or so, t read more

Invest offshore to escape house price threat

In the last week or two there has been a wall of negative noise about the New Zealand residential property market. The market has certainly paused and there are some signs there could be the start of a house price slump. It would depend on the size of any fall, but ther read more

Reviewing your finances like a book

Every week, instead of thinking up something new to say, this column could easily take the form of a book review. After all, there are thousands (possibly millions) of books on investment in print and finding a new book every week would present no problem. It might get read more

Financial confidence boost

I get tired of people saying that Kiwis lack financial knowledge. Sometimes they say it in a way that is just a general whinge, but at other times it is a way of self-promotion; a kind of look-how-well-I-have-done way to sell a seminar or coaching course. In fact, we ar read more

Trump, the circuit breaker

No one knows what will happen during the Trump Presidency – according to US broadcaster NBC News, Donald Trump made 141 distinct shifts from his stated views over the course of his campaign. Little wonder then that serious analysts and commentators have resorted to read read more