Sunday Star Times Articles:

Think Yourself Young

Recently I read of two Christchurch friends both aged 97 who are still working. One of them, Russell Toon, was quoted as saying “if you exercise you mind and your body all your life, you’ll live a full life and won’t go seedy”. That sounds right: read more

Fighting the fear of missing out

FOMO is real. And, not only is the Fear Of Missing Out real, it drives some spectacularly bad behaviour. Case in point: an American Study by Magnify Money found that over 20 per cent of Americans borrowed to fund their summer holidays. Worse, a high proportion of these read more

New bill spells out trust demands

The Trusts Bill is probably the biggest thing to happen to trusts in decades. This Bill is currently before Parliament, but when enacted, it will dictate why and how trusts are both established and managed for decades into the future. Everyone concerned with trusts (esp read more

Loving your future self

Most of us know what we have to do – it’s just we cannot or will not do it. To a greater or lesser extent, everyone knows there is stuff that they need to do but may put it off for another day. Procrastination does not make any difficult task go away – it just mea read more

KiwiSaver strengthens the sharemarket

It is interesting to think about the future growth of KiwiSaver and the likely effect it will have on financial markets. When you consider the growth trajectory of KiwiSaver, you can see a great amount of new money coming to be invested – and the New Zealand sharemarket read more

Trusting your assets is harder

There are many people who have started family trusts to shelter assets, hoping they will get a rest home subsidy. There may well be a few who are thinking to do the same now. Many, probably most, of these people will be disappointed: it is no longer easy to establish a read more

A fair fee for a job well done

I like performance but I do not like performance fees. There are fund managers (including KiwiSaver fund managers), who charge a fee for management, but then on top of that, charge another fee if they get returns above a certain level. I object to these “performan read more

Investing amid the changing nature of retail

Who would be a retailer, or invest in retail? Well, the answer to those questions is that lots of people would, and a few might do quite well with it. However, my guess is that owning shops will not be the money maker that it has been in the past. Traditionally, retail read more

Every little helps you along to a comfy retirement

Claire Matthews at Massey University continues to do good work on retirement savings. Her latest piece, out last week, sets the bar for how much you need for a comfortable living in retirement. This latest study shows that to live in a big city in retirement, you need $ read more

Happy anniversary KiwiSaver

If there was going to be a celebration for the KiwiSaver’s 10th birthday, it would be the banks who would party hardest. According to research house Morningstar, just six providers (mostly banks), have around 85 per cent of the KiwiSaver market that is on the Morn read more