Sunday Star Times Articles:

Staying ahead of work and money trends

Over the last 40 years or so, two trends have come together to make financial capability and literacy more important. These changes are such that people now need to know much more about finance and have good skills to manage their money. In my view, they make it importa read more

Painting your retirement by numbers

I’ve been doing some numbers. This is nothing unusual, of course, I spend a lot of my life doing and reading numbers. However, the numbers in question are important, because they tell people who are planning their retirement the kind of lifestyle they will be able read more

How to plan for a later-life ‘gap year’

I have some friends having a gap year. No, they are not a couple of 18-year olds taking a break from their academic studies to work at KFC and find out how the world works. Instead, this is a grown-up’s gap year –  my friends are in their fifties, have sold read more

Teach yourself to ‘speak’ money

Money has its own language. Few beyond the cognoscenti can speak “money” and, in my view, this is a major reason for people being turned off finance. Every field requires its own technical language, but you should never let yourself be excluded from a field read more

Buffett versus the Hedge Funds

It is with trepidation that I take on the world’s greatest investor. Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway, has produced returns for investors of over 20 per cent per annum over the last 50 years – and it is pretty hard to argue with that. However, the read more

Keeping an eye on investments

Over the last few weeks I have read several articles suggesting investment returns will be lower in the future. One article says there is a Wall St consensus that people should not make their plans expecting the high returns of the past to continue. With lower returns t read more

Beware of losing money, but risks equal returns

At 11pm on the night of 9 November, members of the Summer KiwiSaver Investment Committee discussed our asset allocation. I Chair this committee and Trump had just been elected – a whole new investment environment with new opportunities and new risks had been dropp read more

Trust is the name of the game

There is good reason why scammers and their ilk target older people. According to The Economist, financial management skills are often an early casualty of age-related cognitive change – our financial decision-making abilities peak in our mid-fifties and, regretta read more

Procrastination’s naked truth

Victor Hugo wrote naked – and in doing so he had a good way to avoid procrastination and get himself working. Apparently when the 19th Century French writer had a piece of writing to do, he would have his valet hide his clothes and not give them back until he had finish read more

Why are those earning over $100k struggling?

A report last week showed just under 10 per cent of people earning over $100,000 per annum are finding it difficult to live on their income. A piece on Stuff quoted several financial advisers and psychologists, none of whom expressed surprise that the figure was so high read more