Sunday Star Times Articles:

Playing it safe when investing in tech

Technology is a difficult area for investors and there are many people who choose to give it a wide berth. Investors see tech companies collapse and remember the dot com bubble burst with great losses. There was a lot of money made during the inflation of that bubble (m read more

Kiss goodbye to Casanova tactics

Casanova continually chased new loves. In doing so, he left a string of perfectly good lovers behind him, and disappointed. For Casanova, a new conquest was worth much more than an existing relationship – the seduction of the new was more attractive, regardless of how b read more

Bitcoin may be a sensible currency bet

I don’t know what a blockchain is and I certainly do not know how they work. I know that they are the technology behind Bitcoin, that they are very clever and that they will have uses beyond digital currency. Somehow these blockchains are the ledger for all Bitcoi read more

High Returns on Investment Is Easy

Getting a high return on investment is easy. To get high returns, all you need to do is have a greater proportion of shares and property in a fund: if you buy more shares and property and reduce the amount of fixed interest and cash, you will inevitably get higher retur read more

Save hard but risk a little for investment learning

For years I have said that people should use every spare dollar to pay down debt and to leave off investing for when all debt is gone. The only exception to this basic rule is subsidised superannuation (e.g. KiwiSaver). People should contribute to the likes of KiwiSaver read more

Liquidating your KiwiSaver funds

You do not have to leave KiwiSaver when you turn 65. Sure, on your 65th birthday you are entitled to take out all your money (provided you have been a member for five years), but if you have nothing compelling to do with the money, maybe you should stay with it. It is t read more

Be resilient by building a shelter for financial storms

Last week, I went to a talk from the Minister of Finance. Steven Joyce has some interesting budget choices to make as he decides what to do with the surplus he has; tax cuts, infrastructure, debt reduction, benefits etc. Just like a household budget, there are plenty of read more

Doing good with your investment choices

OPINION: I have always thought socially responsible investing makes good sense. As such, I have excluded “sin” stocks from my own portfolio: for example, I recognise the harm that gambling does, so even though Sky City appears to be a well governed and manag read more

Trusting in company shares is difficult after a scandalous history

Shares are evil, a friend said to me recently. This was from the operator of a small business who was convinced that shares were the worst investment that you could make under any circumstances: they were too risky and involved the trust of too many people. Too often, m read more

Cash is king of the investment realm

Cash is king, so the saying goes. The strange thing is that although in a market downturn people are quick to say that cash is king, during good investment times cash does not seem regal at all. In good times, cash pretty much gets ignored– a right royal snub. At the mo read more