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Martin Hawes is a financial author, seminar presenter and an Authorised Financial Adviser. He has written over 20 books, many of which have appeared on the Best-sellers list and several have sold well into five figures. The best known is on Family Trusts which was first published in 1995 and which has sold over 120 000 copies. He has written two other books on Trusts: “77 Frequently Asked Questions on Family Trusts” and “Managing Family Trusts” and has a particular interest in succession issues.

As well as books on trusts, Martin has also written on Property Investment, Shares, Tax, Mortgages, Investment and Superannuation. His latest book is The Money Map and before that Letters to Aston – Lessons learned from a Lifetime of Investing –a series of letters written to his Grandson, Aston, to help with investment throughout his lifetime.

Martin wrote the book “Twenty Good Summers – work less, live more and make the most of your money” in 2004 (updated in 2013) and since then has presented many seminars for individuals, business owners and farmers who are planning to retire or semi-retire. Martin has a great interest in this area where people are starting to ease back and, instead of growing their wealth, start to use capital to gain income. The idea of Twenty Good Summers has gained currency since the book was published with people deciding to take charge and have the lives that they have always wanted.

Martin frequently speaks at seminars on financial and business topics, and was presenter of Financial Secrets which screened nightly on Television One, and was one of the expert presenters on the TV One show “The School of Home Truths”. He speaks on such topics as:

  • Business and finance
  • Investment
  • Property
  • Planning to go into retirement
  • Succession and Family Trusts
  • Farm Succession
  • Mortgages and debt
  • Planning your financial future
  • Wealth creation

Martin offers financial advice to clients and sees a limited number of new clients each year. He helps clients plan their wealth for the life that they want and to invest for their future.

Martin currently writes for Juno Magazine and has previously written for the Sunday Star Times, Herald on Sunday, Rural News, National Business Review, The Listener, Accountants’ Journal, North and South and New Zealand Herald.

Martin has a small number of independent non-executive company directorships and is the past National President of Save the Children New Zealand and Trustee of the Community Trust of Southland.

His pastimes and interests include rock climbing, mountaineering (attempted Mt Everest in 1995), skiing, fly fishing and cycling.

Martin Hawes was born in Timaru, went to High School in Oamaru and University and Teachers College in Dunedin. He has three children and two grandchildren and now lives in Christchurch.

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