Sunday Star Times Articles:

Don’t put all your eggs in one investment basket

OPINION: Have you ever wondered why it is that most big professional investors put a lot of their funds offshore? Funds like the New Zealand Super Fund (aka the Cullen Fund) have big proportions of their cash invested internationally. In fact, the Super Fund has just 15 read more

Is KiwiSaver a good option for kids

When KiwiSaver came with a $1,000 kickstart, everyone signed up the kids. With the kickstart’s removal in 2015, there no longer seems a compelling reason for people under 18 years to join – until that age, there is no obligation for employers to match savings and read more

Perfect storm forming against property investors

OPINION: Clearly, property investors have some changes coming up. Have a look at the things the new Government will put on the table: the removal of the ability to offset losses against other income, changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, extension of the bright line read more

The worst time to sell

OPINION: About the worst thing that can happen to investors is that they get themselves in a position where they are forced to sell. Forced sales mean that control over the investment has been lost and, just about always, the sale is at a time when the markets are down. read more

”Buy and hold” still the best strategy

Last week I spoke to the New Zealand Property Investors Federation. The speaker before me was a successful Australian investor and she outlined all of the different ways that people could make money out of property – trading, development, flipping, do-ups, rent to buy a read more

The importance of sleeping well at night

OPINION: Last week there was an interesting opinion piece on Stuff by Richard Meadows. Entitled, “The case against ‘ethical’ investing,” the article pointed out some of the very real difficulties with socially responsible investment. Fair enough, read more

A curious mind is an asset in business

OPINION: One of the greatest of human characteristics is curiosity. It seems to me that the propensity to delve into what is happening (and why) is perhaps the most useful and valuable personality trait that we have. With enough curiosity, we can get to the bottom of ju read more

Setting the timer on relationship property

OPINION: In the olden days, when marriage was a thing, we knew exactly when a relationship started. There was three weeks reading the bans of marriage in church (plenty of warning) and then, on one special day, the couple signed some papers. The couple becomes a couple read more

Intensive care interest rates

OPINION: Is inflation dead? The answer is no, and it is probably not even in palliative care. However, it is poorly enough to be in the intensive care unit and to have its few loved ones gathered around with concerned looks on their faces. Inflation’s potential de read more

Think Yourself Young

Recently I read of two Christchurch friends both aged 97 who are still working. One of them, Russell Toon, was quoted as saying “if you exercise you mind and your body all your life, you’ll live a full life and won’t go seedy”. That sounds right: read more