Martin's services

Due to existing commitments, Martin is currently not taking on any new clients.

These services are tailored to you, your dreams, your goals and to your particular financial position. They are to help you resolve your own issues and concerns and to help you decide what your next step should be towards wealth and financial freedom. A personal consultation with Martin is also very suitable for those who have recently sold their business or cashed in their superannuation funds and who have started to ease back into some kind of retirement. This is a time when you are going to be completely dependent on your investments for your income and a time when you have to be very sure that you have the right investment strategy.

Please note that we do not sell investments or accept commissions from investment houses. Our only payment is the fee that is agreed with clients.

We can help with:

  • Deciding what your next step should be
  • Setting a plan for your future
  • Resolution of particular financial concerns and issues
  • Someone on hand to help you through any difficulties that you may encounter
  • Identification of areas where you can make and save money
  • Filling in the gaps in your financial skills and knowledge
  • Providing a key part of your network – someone who knows what’s going on in the world of finance and money, investments, business, family trusts, tax, mortgages, property investment and ownership structures
  • Family Trust planning for farmers and others with significant assets

Services offered

Comprehensive Wealth Plan

Our classic service, opted for by most people, gives you direction for your future and ensures that all aspects of your finances are on the right track . The main purpose is that you will have a clear path forward, a goal for the future and a plan for achieving that goal. This involves an initial meeting with Martin (likely to take 2-3 hours), a written plan and a further 3 months of follow up support to help clarify and implement your plan. This further help does not incur any additional charge and is usually done by way of meetings, or by phone or email. The initial meeting can be undertaken face to face by visiting Martin in Christchurch, or by using Skype or similar method of contact.

Price $4,300 +GST

This price includes:

  • Your initial meeting
  • A letter of advice to you
  • 3 months of follow up support to help clarify and implement your plan

Here is how it works:

We will spend 2-3 hours looking at where you are at now, where you want to be at some point in the future and agreeing a plan to bridge the gap. As a part of this, Martin will consider and advise on all the main financial issues as appropriate: your goals, tax, investments, debt reduction, budgeting, insurances and wills.

Following this meeting, Martin will write a report which sets out the things discussed and actions you should take.

Martin will continue to be available for up to 3 months at no extra charge. This follow up support is offered to allow you to discuss any questions you have regarding your plan and ensure you have implemented the actions points that will have been recommended to you in your plan.

Other arrangements can be made to suit.

Due to existing commitments, Martin is currently not taking on any new clients.

We believe:

  • Remuneration should be by a transparent fee, not a commission for sales.
  • People should understand the advice they are being given and the reasons for it.
  • The purpose of financial advice is to give people the lives that they want.
  • An investment strategy should be customised to your particular situation and goals.