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Martin Hawes, A.F.A

Martin Hawes is a financial author, seminar presenter and a financial advisor.

Martin is an Authorised Financial Adviser and Columnist with the Juno Magazine.

Martin provides individualised financial advice to help clients become wealthy and free to pursue their dreams. Martin offers his services throughout NZ and travels frequently.

He has written 20 books, most of which have appeared on the Best-sellers list and several have sold well into five figures. The best known is on Family Trusts which was published in 1995 and which has sold over 100 000 copies. He has written many other books on topics such as Property Investment, Shares, Tax, Mortgages and Superannuation.

Planning for 20 Good Summers with Martin Hawes

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This web-seminar is aimed at giving people information so that they can make good financial decisions in preparation for retirement.
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Martin is now taking on clients again.
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Helping you find answers to the big questions...

What to do with your funds? How should you invest safely and for the long term? Contact Martin for a chat about securing your future!

Money in the bank is all good but could it be working harder? Contact Martin about maximising returns on your savings.

Serious wealth takes serious commitment and robust financial planning. Contact Martin to discuss how to accelerate your wealth.

More time on your hands and cash in the bank? Contact Martin to talk about how you maximise your income from here on in.

No matter how much you have it needs to be safe, right? Contact Martin to discuss the best options for your little pot of gold.

Whatever your future holds you’ll be better off if you know where you’re going. Contact Martin to talk about building a plan.